Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Two Year Birthday, Sky Pie!!!

Sky Pie is celebrating our Two Year Anniversary!!!

We are entering what a lot of people call the “Terrible Twos” but we are changing that to the “Terrific Twos”!

Having your own company is filled with excitement and also tough times. I reread our First Year Anniversary blog and saw that, talking about the ups and downs, I sometimes wonder why I “didn’t use all my money to buy a year’s supply of Twinkies”. I feel prophetic considering Hostess just went out of business. Why didn’t I invest in Twinkies?! I could be rich! I am truly sad that Hostess is bankrupt. What is Santa going to say without his Ho-ho’s?

Two years ago, I launched the website which is our main way of being accessible to the public. We had a lot happen in our first year: parties, fashion shows, and fun. Our second year has been quite mellow. Part of that is because we were dealing with a printing company that was slow and had less than desirable results. Another reason was that, at the current moment, I am limited to how much time I can spend with Sky Pie because it is not my main source of income. Oh, how I long for that day! Order a shirt or tell a friend to follow us on Facebook and help me get closer to that goal! :)

Nevertheless, we were able to come out with a new line in 2012 with brand new designs, new colors for primary designs, and even introducing baby onesies and toddler shirts! All new shirts can be seen on our Facebook page here.

With the launch of Sky Pie Apparel, I was trying to do something fun and something that could make a difference.

As you probably know, part of our proceeds go to charity, specifically to stop human trafficking. I just wrote a check to Nightlight International and we have you to thank for it! Your support not only gets you a designer shirt, it gives someone a step toward freedom.

I want to personally thank everyone of you who helped us in some way. Whether it was helping with the website or photos, buying a shirt, liking us on Facebook, or just saying, “that’s cool” when you heard my ideas. I’m glad we launched right around Thanksgiving. It really helps me to keep things in perspective and be thankful. I couldn’t do this without you guys!

As well as Thanksgiving, Christmas is coming up and you can buy a Sky Pie shirt for a loved one right from the comfort of your own home! Enjoy our Christmas Sale: any shirt in stock is only $20 with $1 shipping no matter how many shirts you buy! Send us a Facebook message or email ( with your name, address, email, shirt type, and size, and we will send you a paypal invoice which you can pay with paypal or a credit card. (Heads up, they must be bought by December 16th in order to receive them by Christmas!)

We hope that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we are thankful for our Two Year Anniversary, and we hope that we will be able to serve you for many more years to come! I’m even more excited about what the future holds!!

Skyler Payne


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