Thursday, December 2, 2010

GRAND OPENING, Responses to our Philosophy and Shirts

Sky Pie Apparel officially opened their doors last week on November, 23rd 2010. A red letter day in history! As important as… um, well, I guess that remains to be seen, but I would say at least as important as the invention day of the Flobee! ;)

It’s been a week since we’ve opened and the response has been wonderful! Along with the “fabulous!” and “awesome!” and “keep up the good work!” comments, which I’m very appreciative of, a lot of people really identify with what we are doing. Lisa L. said, “to connect with you over this issue [of respecting women] is a gift. Thank you so much for what you are doing and saying.” Another young lady, Samantha, explained that the timing of this topic really hit home because, since she moved to California, she’s been called ugly by five different guys! We live in such a “looks based” society it boggles my mind!

As far as the shirts, Kayte M., our very first customer, exclaimed, “The shirt fits perfectly and is so comfortable!” Until I can get pictures made, and they are coming, I know some people are a little hesitant about ordering because of what they might look like since we just have the artist rendering.

If you have been gracious or adventurous enough to have bought a shirt already, please email us a picture of you wearing your shirt! It can be in some exotic location or just at home with your domesticated animal. With your permission we can put it up on Facebook or the site! Send it to

Also, please leave a comment on Facebook saying what you like about the shirt! Thanks!

To give you a little more info in the meantime, these are 100% kitten soft cotton, fitted shirts with water based ink for the very soft, comfortable feel. They fit your form and I’m extremely pleased with how they look. I’m especially proud of the printed tag which has something secretly creative that I came up with myself.

Also, the drawings look like they have smaller cap sleeves. They are actually typical t-shirt sleeves, but, again, are fitted.

The Respect Women shirt is what we call “Sunshine Haze” which is a light, very soft yellow opposed to a bright, vivid yellow. The “Sky Pie Blue” is a gorgeous turquoise. Lots of people have commented on what a beautiful blue it is. The “Sunset Pink” is a very bright, lovely pink.

So don't be afraid! I'm so confident you'll like the shirts, that you can return them no questions asked if you don't! Or you can always dust your house with them, but I don't think you will! :)