Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's New, Suzy Q?

There is more new with our website and products than meets the eye!

The most obvious is our new shirt designs. The Tough Respect design shows people you aren’t joking around when it comes to respecting women and others. Respect is what people should have and you’re there to say it! It is in a women’s fitted shirt in Paratrooper Green and a Unisex shirt in Airstrike Green.

The Unisex Keeper shirt says that you are a keeper but you are hard to catch! It is available in Storm Cloud Gray and Texas Sunset Orange. These shirts have the logo stylishly displayed on the sleeve.

Also new, Unisex shirts!! For men and women! Men, you’ve been asking for shirts and these are wonderfully fit for a man. Women, you have been asking for shirts that aren’t too snug and these are perfect for you!

Sizes!! Most of our shirts are now available in 2XL or even 3XL sizes!

New colors! The Women’s Keeper is now also available in a beautiful Twilight Purple!
A lot of people requested green. We have two different shades in the Tough Respect shirt: Paratrooper Green and Airstrike Green!

Come see what’s new! Our summer sale is almost over!

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