Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where are the men? Where are the men's shirts?

Who in your life would you consider to be a real man? What are the characteristics of a real man?

I’ve found that often a woman is attracted to a man by how he makes her feel. If she feels excited, loved, or safe around him, there is a good chance she will feel attraction. These are great emotions, but can be very deceptive. We’ve all known the woman who was deeply in love with someone we could obviously see was going to be bad for her and end up in heartache.

What is your definition of a real man? For me, the definition is someone who does the right thing at the right time. “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.” Everyone is going to make mistakes but is he going to be there when the times get tough? Does he treat the people around him, especially his family, with respect even when he doesn’t feel like it? How does he treat the waitress that waits on you?

Look at the men in your life. Do they match up with what it means to be a man or are you “in love” and hope that he’ll change for the better?

I was excited and a little pleasantly surprised when we first opened our doors not too long ago and I got an email from a man wondering if we had men’s shirts, specifically the “Respect Women” shirt. (At this time we just have women’s.)

Shortly after that, one female customer said she wore her Respect shirt in the mall. She was only there 30 minutes, but within those thirty minutes, she received two compliments… and both of them were from men!

I’m happy to say we do have men’s shirts on the way, so think about who in your life might like one. They are in manly colors “Paratrooper Green” , “Texas Sunset”, and “Storm Cloud Gray”.

A good man is hard to find, but it looks like they’re out there!

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